Worshipping at St Thomas R.C. Church, Manor Road, Caddington, Luton LU1 4HH (parking available)                                     

FIRST Sunday of the Month - Hours & Typikha -10.30am

THIRD Sunday of the Month - Divine Liturgy - 10.30am

Confessions and Prayer of the Hours from 10am

List of Services 2016/17

(civil calendar dates)


17th  - Divine Liturgy 10.30am

MAY ‘16

02 - Bright Monday - Divine Liturgy 10.30am

15 Divine Liturgy 10.30am.

JUNE ’16

05 Hours & Typikha 10.30am

19 Hours and Typikha (Pentecost) 10.30am

JULY ’16

03 Divine Liturgy (Feast of St Alban's) 10.30am

17 Hours & Typikha 10.30am


07 Hours & Typikha 10.30am

14 Divine Liturgy 10.30am


04 Hours & Typikha 10.30am

11 Divine Liturgy 10.30am


02 Hours & Typikha 10.30am

23 Divine Liturgy 10.30am


06 Hours & Typikha 10.30am

20 Divine Liturgy 10.30am


04 Hours & Typikha 10.30am

11 Divine Liturgy 10.30am


07 Divine Liturgy (Nativity of the Lord) 10.30am


Welcome Visitor!



We are The Russian Orthodox Parish of St. Alban in Luton within the Diocese of Sourozh, the Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church which covers the British Isles, and which was founded by Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh. Our bishop is Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh and the community is served by Fr. Raphael Armour, the Dean of the East of England within the Diocese who is also Rector of the Parish of St Ephraim the Syrian, in Cambridge. For the most part our people are of  British and Russian background and our services are celebrated in English, the lingua franca of the community, with some Church Slavonic.


You are most welcome to visit us or to make your spiritual home with us.  



Yours in Christ,

AIDAN PYLE (Churchwarden)

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